Bathroom Remodel

You Dream It

You dream up the improvements you would like to make. 

We Plan It

We address your needs and budget to make the plan come together.

We Build It

Our experienced team goes to work to bring the plan to life.

Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Bathrooms can become your personal spa-like retreat. Here are some products and amenities to consider which may add comfort, safety, functionality, and add to the overall aesthetics and value of your home.

  • Soaking Tubs
  • Touchless Faucets
  • Auxillary or Supplimental Heat
  • Digital Shower and Tub Controls
  • Dressing and Bench Area
  • Linen Storage
  • Walk-in/No Threshold Showers
  • Dual Sinks
  • Bidet Toilets and Bidet Seats
  • Comfort Height Toilets
  • Heated Flooring
  • Shower Seats
  • Multiple showerheads or wall jets

Your Bathroom is Your Oasis

Your bathroom should be centered around quality self-care. At Dickey’s Remodel, we understand the importance of having a bathroom that fits your lifestyle. Your first step — call us; we’ll help you through the design process.

Benefits of a Remodeled Bathroom

Dream it—then treat yourself to a remodeled bathroom!

Increase Your Home’s Value

Homes experience wear & tear and date themselves over time. Remodel your bathroom and enjoy it until the time comes to sell. Ask any realtor; remodeled bathrooms add value to your home.

Improved Safety & Efficiency

Walk in showers with no threshold to step over are beautiful while decreasing fall risk making them accessible to all ages and abilities. Decorative assist bars are helpful to everyone and look great! When space allows, a dressing bench outside the shower is a great safety feature.

Healthy & Energy Efficient

Don’t be guilty of turning a blind eye to a problem. Water damage can lead to mold & eventually to rotted framing materials. Tankless water heaters heat the water only when you need it. New generation ventilation fans are extremely quiet, energy efficient, and have higher CFM fan speeds to help prevent mold growth. There is a huge resurgence in calls for bidet toilets and bidet toilet seat adapters. You don’t have to be “old” to enjoy the features they offer! Single handle faucets are easier to operate. Heated towel bars keep towels dry and they are wonderful to towel off with. Heated tile shower pans and bath room floors are a delight to your bare feet!

Space Efficiency

Have you thought of getting that hall linen in to your bathroom where you need it? And what about robe hooks, clothes hampers, and trash cans that are always forgotten?

Life changes

Maybe you’re married now or you’re sharing a sink with children. Incorporate two sinks in your remodel, maybe even one at a lower level for those who need it.

Dickey’s Signature Bathroom

When a reasonably priced bathroom is what you’re looking for, look no further than our Signature Bathroom. We include only quality products. The best part is our “one-stop-shop” showroom where you can select everything—It’s quick, affordable, and fun!